My Story

Hello. I’m Sarah and this is me…

I wanted to be an artist from when I was nine years old, but life didn’t happen that way. So, many years and a few ‘regular’ jobs later, life showed me that I should follow my heart and chase that nine year old little girl’s dreams…

Ten years on I’m still working at it one painting at a time, loving how my TulkArt dream is growing, proud to know that my pieces are out there adorning walls across the world.

They’re birthday presents and anniversary gifts. They’re memories of those, human & animal kind, who have been loved but are no longer with us, and they’re expressions of celebrity adoration.

I also now have an abstract branch of my work, which you can see at if you feel so inclined…

Every single piece has its own story, but each is special to someone out there, and for me there is no greater compliment than that.

Why not get in touch and have me paint a character from one of your stories…?

My Gratitude

I’d just like to take a moment to express many heartfelt thanks for your support of my work. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be able to spend my time creating art and to have it appreciated so enthusiastically.

My nine year old self knew in her heart she would one day be an artist, but to have reached the point where I am entitled to call myself so, is quite simply a dream come true.

So, from the bottom of my creative little heart, thank you.

Much love, Sarah Xx